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Rally Obedience

The Happy Teamwork Sport

Rally is a fantastic new sport just introduced to this country from the USA. It's probably best described as a cross between traditional competition obedience and agility, but we think it's a lot more fun!

Have a look at class member Claire Goyer and her dog Patch learning a short level 3 course (look at that tail wag!).  As you can see, mistakes are all part of the process but are always handled in a positive fashion.


Please note that only this initial video has been approved by Wagtails. Other videos suggested by YouTube may not be suitable.

The idea is that a dog and handler "teamwork" their way around a course of signs instructing them what to do at each 'station'. This may be a simple Sit while the handler walks around the dog, or a recall with a finish, or be as complicated as a 270 or 360 degree turn. And that's only level 1 of 3!

This sport is designed to be suited to any breed, shape or size of dog or handler, of any age or disability, and if necessary courses may be adapted to suit the needs of any dog or handler working with a disability.

The aim in Rally is to train your dog to a high standard and achieve a qualifying score. Having done this enough times your dog can be awarded a Rally title! 

Our Rally classes are held at our Northchapel venue.

If you would like to learn more about Rally Obedience, please contact us 



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