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The Learning Continues

This video features a typical fun warm up exercise before our Clicker Classes begin.  In this case "Do the Twist"!

Please note that only the initial video has ben approved by Wagtails.  Other videos suggested by YouTube may not be suitable.


Running since 1998, our Canine College Courses are for dogs over 18 weeks old, who have either completed our Puppy Playschool Course, have had private tuition, or have completed other training classes in order to bring them up to a similar standard.

We provide a friendly informal class situation rather than boring, formal exercises. The idea is to motivate your dog to do something and then reward the good behaviour, rather than punishing bad behaviour by using force.

We use a modern reward based method called 'Clicker Training' so you won’t find any choke chains or drill sergeants here!

Canine College Clicker Courses Cover a Range of Topics Including:

Recall: Teach your dog to reliably come when called

Walking on a Slack Lead Without Pulling: Leading on to heelwork

‘Not jumping up': Ignoring jumping up and rewarding sitting

Down stay at a Distance: This could save your dog’s life!

Party Trick: Sit up and Beg? Roll Over? High Five? We'll show you how to make your dog the star of the show!

We also tailor course content for class members depending on their dog's needs so other topics may include:
Leave It!, Wait, Stand, & Touch among many others.

The classes run at our venues in Fernhurst and Northchapel. The course runs for 5 weeks, and each class lasts for 1 hour. The class sizes are restricted to 6 dogs, and there are at least two qualified APDT instructors on hand, to ensure as much individual assistance as possible.

Please Note: Unless you have previously attended a Wagtails course, you will also need a 1-2-1 lesson (preferably before the course begins) to teach you and your dog about clicker training in the less distracting environment of your own home. The lesson takes
1-1½ hours, and covers any problems you may be having along with a personalised training programme and homework!

Our charges for the private lesson are £70 and £105 for the 5 week course.
Please call the office to arrange your 1-2-1 lesson and discuss your particular requirements.


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